Sunshine Manitto began cooking alongside Master Angelo Parodi, former chef at Il Castello restaurant in Pietra Ligure. He later developed and refined his passion for traditional Tuscan cuisine in Lucca, working as a chef at Osteria Baralla and Locanda di Bacco restaurants. He also managed the Mulino Biologico restaurant, where the attention paid to the dishes and the care devoted to satisfying the palates of his loyal customers led him to rediscover cooking as an art to transmit and share. He currently teaches Tuscan and regional Italian cooking lessons and organises conferences and small banquets on demand.

I invite you on a journey through taste and traditional flavours. I was born in Liguria and travelled extensively throughout Italy, gaining in-depth knowledge of the regional cuisines; but only Tuscan cuisine, with its many flavors and colours, made me fall in love with it. Tuscany, its landscapes, its history and art are reflected in its typical dishes, in the wise use of herbs and the genius in the composition of ingredients. My cuisine, maintaining the roots of the flavours so as not to lose the memory of the traditions, accompanies you on this journey, revisiting each recipe from the heart. – Sunshine