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This is my first editorial culinary work. The first one of a long series.

Cover My Tuscan KitchenThis book is my master key to open every communication door through food. My Tuscan Kitchen is a hymn to the Tuscan cuisine, seen both through the eyes of a chef and those of a man who is passionate about cooking. I have tried to expose the beauty and the essence of this cuisine with great simplicity.

By now we hear talking too much about Tuscany only as a collective imagination. As if the Tuscan cuisine were an unattainable legend. I try to teach Tuscan and Italian cuisine with a different aim, to bring out synergy in the kitchen, to bring out the beauty of taste.

This book is just the beginning of a long journey and I assure you that this journey will bring many creative developments. Are you ready to get on board and follow me in this wonderful dream of taste?

Now I am just going to give you a little introduction to my book to provide you with a better guidance.


Obviously there is an introduction and a chapter on my cooking lessons and about my philosophy. These are followed by the chapters: Antipasti, Crostini and Bruschette, Wheat Salads, Pulses Salads, and after those it is the turn of the chapter on Vegetable Stocks, on Fish Stock and on the Aromatic Oils.

At this point it comes the chapter: Chopping very very finely which is the soul of the book. A little unusual chapter, where I am giving you some inputs, I suggest some “battuti”, guiding you in the art of creating new recipes. I give you the basics and you just need to change type of meat, fish or vegetable and that’s it. You have this wonderful opportunity to create new tastes by yourselves. From this chapter my blog will start up.

At this point the book goes further with the chapters on Soups, Risotti, Dry Pasta, Fresh Pasta, Stuffed Pasta. Then we have the chapters on the main courses of Meat and of Fish and the chapter on Side Dishes. At this point it comes the chapter on Pizza, Focaccia and Fried Dough. Then the chapter on Desserts follows, and a chapter on Mixed Recipes and finally the Family Recipes.

In this book I will always be beside you and you will never lose the orientation.
A nice selection of simple recipes to be able to create Menus and Buffets of any kind. You will be able to have fun with friends and with the family, cooking together and appreciating that cooking with love and synergy can elevate the human spirit. (June 30, 2015)
(June 30, 2015) 
(August 1, 2015) 
(August 1, 2015)