Risotto with scampi, zucchini flowers and black truffle

(4 servings)

300g carnaroli rice or vialone nano rice
600g fresh scampi
12 zucchini flowers
A clove of garlic
celery, carrot, onion
5 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
white pepper
40g black truffles

Boil 3 litres of water with celery, carrot and onion and the whole scampi for about 10 minutes. Strip the flesh from the scampi and set aside. Mince garlic, a little parsley, very little chilli and saute’ for 1 minute, then add the rice and toast for 2 minutes. Add the filtered scampi stock. Bring the rice to three-quarters of its cooking time and add the scampi flesh and the zucchini flowers, cleaned and cut into 4 without the pistils. Complete cooking the rice, add salt and white pepper to taste, turn off the heat. Stir slowly and sprinkle on the black truffles, flaked or grated. Serve at the table very hot and if you want to, add a few drops of brandy on the risotto.

Buon appetito!